Artist Statement​

My practice considers my body’s relationship with nature using a language of feminism, folklore and religious icons. Drawing particularly from ancient Irish art and an eco-centric ethos, I paint, stitch and construct artworks which celebrate living entities that society has sought to tame into exploitable classifications, including the land itself. My work visualises the liberation of monsters living somewhere between life and death, male and female, human and nonhuman, and reality and fantasy – the liminal, creative gap between dualities. It both reckons with and revels in the Otherness imposed on female, queer, and transgender bodies. It envisions a radical enfolding of these bodies into an understanding of nature, with care towards women, queers, and the environment as crucial components of working towards a healthier ecosystem.


Reilly Knowles is a London-based interdisciplinary artist and recent graduate of Western University’s Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with a Specialisation in Studio Arts. Knowles has been exhibiting since 2015, showing in such venues as Artlab Gallery (London, ON), Good Sport (London, ON) and Holcim Gallery (Milton, ON). He is a recipient of the Tony and Betsy Little Gold Medal in Visual Arts, the Canadian Embroiderers’ Guild London Memorial Prize, and the Forest City Gallery Exhibition Award.