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Notes from the Mess Drawer
Group Exhibition with Sarah Desmarais and Andrew Fraser
Cohen Commons, London, ON
September 12 - 26, 2019

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The home is a sacred environment; an entity which is filled over time with imprints of existence. Each one is unique, encompassing the traditions and memories which make it valuable to each generation who lives there. The home holds energies that shape individuals and oppress them; it tells tales of long-lingering magic and superstition that linger through time. Notes from The Mess Drawer is an exploration of the magical and supernatural aspects of the home and the domestic, and how these connect with liberating and oppressive forces. The audience is invited to uncover the secrets hidden within the metaphysical mess drawer – the eclectic accumulation of a home.

A Long Way Deep
Group exhibition with Sarah Desmarais and Andrew Fraser
Satellite Project Space, London, ON
September 4 - 14, 2019

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Mortality, death, decay, and the messy intricacies that lie between are the subjects of human curiosity and fear. Both material and metaphysical, death is a subject we often struggle to discuss and reconcile with. Through examining the environment’s reincorporation of the material body, unpacking the personal ramifications of mortality upon one’s world view, and unearthing that which has been created as cultural harbingers and guardians of the dead, A Long Way Deep invites the audience to come to the edge of the realm of the living and peer beyond the veil.

Ley Lines
Group exhibition with Sarah Desmarais and Andrew Fraser
Good Sport, London, ON
June 14 - July 6, 2019

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It’s hard to ignore that magic and the occult have seen a resurgence in pop culture. These topics can rightly be called chic, campy, or absurd, while simultaneously enjoying rich, zig-zagging histories through different cultures and times. This combination of winking play and earnest practice serves as fertile soil for our artistic, personal and political investigations. Each of us draw from ancient and emerging traditions of the unusual to comment on contemporary concerns and experiences.

In an age of Instagram spiritualists and drugstore witchcraft kits, our collective aims to elucidate the productive and critical potentialities of digging deep into myth and legend. Ley Lines is a footstep on the paths we are walking, paths on which artistic exploration and the unknown are inextricably intertwined.

In Situ
Solo exhibition
Spencer Gallery, London, ON
April 28 - May 31, 2019

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The human body and the natural world are often regarded as discreet entities. Although it is sometimes admitted with notable displeasure that people can give into “wild” impulses, the majority of narratives describe humans overcoming or consuming nature, rather than being part of it. This exhibition considers the relationship of the artist’s body to the environment, both as a site of particular embodied experiences and as an example of a species. The work draws from the artist’s accumulated understanding of the ecosystems of Southern Ontario, natural symbolism, as well as personal iconography to work through where the body and the landscape meet and diverge. Themes that often arise through these explorations include birth and death cycles, environmental degradation and queer embodiment.

The show consists of a collection of oils, acrylics, watercolours and textiles which reflect Knowles’ various physical, emotional and spiritual affiliations with the creatures and natural spaces of Southern Ontario, particularly the town of Milton. Certain works seek to capture the energy of spaces in a more traditional landscape format, while others employ tree, bird and deer imagery to explore gender, sexuality, mental health and unconscious impulses. Together, these works propose that the landscape is both a physical terrain as well as a medium through which symbolic, personal, political and gendered meanings are expressed.